A Green Power Company

Fairway Electronic (www.fairway.com.tw) is headquartered in Taipei with manufacturing facilities in the Guangdong (South China) area.

Fairway is an approved self certifying CEC agent (California's low power/green initiative) and can also test, approve and issue formal CEC certificate to Power Supply makers in Taiwan.  And, all products are RoHS compliant.

Fairway engineers generally work very closely with the customer to provide a product at very competitive prices with uncompromised design requirements.

Fairway Electronic is an internationally recognized provider of power supply units (PSU), offering a wide variety of external power supplies ranging from 5-120 Watts.

For information on any products, please choose from the links below:

         * Fairway Electronic WN10E-051

         * Wall mount power supplies

         * Desktop power supplies

         * LED drivers

         * Car adapters

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