Qualcomm Atheros AMP™ Powerline Technology

Qualcomm Atheros powerline (PLC) technology operates on world’s most pervasive wired medium, the home’s power circuit. Tapping this networking source hidden in the home’s walls, Qualcomm Atheros AMP™ Powerline technology provides easy and reliable broadband connectivity to support high-definition multimedia and real-time gaming applications throughout the home. Qualcomm Atheros’ PLC solutions are HomePlug certified and support the IEEE 1901 global powerline standard, which was ratified in September, 2010.

Products Available:


AR7420 / AR1540

AR7400 / AR1500

INT6400 / INT1500

INT6400 / INT1400

INT5200 / INT1200

Qualcomm Atheros AMP also enables low-power connectivity solutions ideal for Smart Grid and Smart Home applications, connecting the home’s smart meter, thermostat and electrical appliances, to enable always-on monitoring and control of power usage within the home. Qualcomm Atheros has received a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop new powerline chips designed to provide two-way data communications over existing AC wiring. The chips – based on the Green PHY specification published by the HomePlug® Powerline Alliance – will meet the low-power, high-reliability requirements of the utilities industry and comply with the IEEE 1901 global networking standard.

Qualcomm Atheros’ offers unprecedented performance with its powerline-based Ethernet-over-Coax (EoC) solution for last mile broadband access and support for two-way data services. Service providers in China are currently designing Qualcomm Atheros’ EOC solutions into customer premises equipment and broadband infrastructure to support China’s Next-Generation Broadband specification.

Superior powerline performance

Our newest powerline solution, the AR7400, offers standards-plus extended spectrum operation to deliver more than 500 Mbps PHY rates, a 2.5 times improvement over alternative HomePlug AV products. Home networks can experience a performance boost of 50 percent or more in actual throughput at nearly every outlet in the home versus legacy powerline solutions, making every room HD-capable. As such, AMP technology is ideal for transmitting latency-sensitive broadband media throughout the home.

Qualcomm Atheros’ AR7400-based Ethernet-over-Coax solution supports PHY rates of 700 Mbps and up to 350 Mbps of actual throughput over coax cables, providing cable operators with a cost-effective way to deliver two-way data services, such as broadband access, interactive TV, and video-on-demand, over existing coax infrastructures.

Low-power operation

Qualcomm Atheros new-generation powerline solutions comply with the stringent European Code of Conduct (CoC) on Energy Efficiency and the European Union’s Energy-using Products (EuP) Directive for low power, green energy operation. They also consume 40 percent less active power than the nearest competitor, eliminating the need for large, expensive heat sinks.

Powerline, Wi-Fi and Ethernet Hybrid Networks

Qualcomm Atheros PLC, Wi-Fi and Ethernet technologies are converging into a new class of hybrid home networking solutions, which provide very scalable and flexible bandwidth to enable robust coverage in every room in the home. Combined with Qualcomm Atheros XSPAN with SST3 3-stream 11n wireless, Qualcomm Atheros AMP is unleashing a Gigabit of unlicensed spectrum in the home. This greatly expanded capacity will support simultaneous streaming of HD content in rooms where connectivity has previously been insufficient.